I’m back!

After my stroke in late 2016 I frankly lost interest in my long-time love of writing. I had just published two books, a memoir and a novella which were available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I was devastated when the first glowing reviews were deleted by Amazon. I never took a step to promote the books or improve keywords or even look at stats. I was in the depression I read is common after a stroke.

Let me make clear that though both my strokes (the first  in 2012) were not incapacitating, (thankfulness), both entailed hospital stays, multiple tests, a weakened right hand and leg, difficulty with speech and word recall, and most of all the keen recognition that the BIG ONE, statistics suggest, is coming.

Enough of the excuses. I’m now taking an online class on formatting and publishing e-books and working on a long neglected novel about a Navajo girl struggling to adjust to both her and Anglo culture.

More soon on the process and progress.

6 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Dear Joan,
    (FromLyn, England UK)

    Pleased to hear you have returned to writing. Congratulations.

    Now you have the dreadful wildfires.
    I’m worried about you, your Husband, all your Loved ones, all lovely People and Animals’.
    Stay safe and well.
    May the rain forecasted next week be sufficient to douse these fires.
    You are in my thoughts.
    Sending Much Love and Purrs


    1. Lyn. Thank you for your concern. The devastation in our area has been terrible, but we have been safe expect for very smoky air. We are considering moving to the coastal area to escape the fire danger because we may be in danger of fire in the future. Global climate change threatens us all.
      Tanks for your concern.
      Keep in touch.


  2. Oh dear Anonymous, I am curious how you are named after me, but mostly I need to explain my absence. On May 14 my husband Mark had a massive heart attack, developed a hole which caused his lungs to fill with blood. He was air lifted 270 miles to Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, a vast complex of hospitals and research facilities where he was a month in ICU with a private nurse 24/7. It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since with staph infections, multiple surgeries, in and out of hospitals. Most of that time I stayed with my daughter and family in Washington, north of Vancouver, about 50 miles round trip from the hospital. For the first time I am home while he is there because I have a cold and needed to catch up on bills, etc. after being gone from home 3 1/2 months this year. He was to have a final plastic surgery on the 3rd, but had another on the 6th and is slated for another (final?) surgery the 16th.
    I’ll try to keep up better in the future. Thanks for your concern.


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