I am Joan (nee Walters)  Keele Zumwalt, a writer and recent indie publisher. My hope is to encourage and exchange ideas with other writers, especially those who want to write a memoir of their own or for a loved one.

Joan and Dood
Joan and Dood  at home in southern Oregon

Recently I decided to do something with files full of old manuscripts. I’m either going to die and leave heaps of moldering pages for my poor daughters to burn or let go of my ego and doubts and get those words out into the world, no matter how flawed I perceive them to be.

First I braved the wilds of Amazon self-publishing on Kindle to produce Amigos: A Novella and then signed up with Archway Publishing for my memoir, In Pursuit of Dreams. I hope I can encourage others to write their own memoirs or assist their parents or other relatives, as I helped my parents write theirs.

Meanwhile I am fearfully venturing into the world of blogging. Wish me well.


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