Sunday Share: America is Great.

I wish all discouraged and disgusted and despairing Americans could read this and be uplifted and encouraged.


This Sunday Share comes from a blog I am new and unfamiliar with called An American Song but I liked what I read.  This author has written a book where he (she?) interviewed people all across America, average people, and wrote down their stories.  It sounds a lot like what I do here with Babu and although I haven’t read the book yet, I am looking forward to doing so.

This post, for me, hit on one of the things I find troubling with Trump’s slogan.  You know the one.  What exactly does he find not great?  Are they the same things that I see need fixing?  Does he appreciate what I see as wonderful?  This is a positive post and I felt it was something I, personally, needed to hear right now.

But Before I’d Let That Steam Drill Beat Me Down, I’d Die With a Hammer in My Hand

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