Short memoir articles are published!

Many short memoir articles or essays are being published in various publications. My first recommendation for anyone having trouble getting started is to concentrate on one story, one anecdote, at a time. My first national publication was a memory from third grade of being snowbound in a country school house where I lived with my grandmother. About ten of my short memoir pieces have been published, mostly in the local newspaper.

When I got serious about writing a memoir, I already had those articles plus some poems and other pieces, mostly animal tales, that I had written for family entertainment.  The hurdle of getting started was already cleared.

Glance through your favorite magazines or those on a news stand. That enticing article about an exotic island? Memoir. Catching that gigantic swordfish? Memoir. Surviving a dreadful disease? Memoir. A humorous take on your date from hell? Memoir.

Even if you have no desire to write a book-length memoir, writing short pieces based on your experiences can potentially be rewarding, maybe even financially.

2 thoughts on “Short memoir articles are published!

  1. Joan, I’ve enjoyed reading your suggestions, but I logged in looking for an email address for you. Today I enjoyed re-reading your Christmas letter and liked your suggestion that we meet in August at the time of the solar eclipse. However, when I looked at a map of the western state, I realized that Grants Pass is a long way from Rexburg. We will be heading straight north, up interstate 15 to Idaho Falls. But if you just happened to be going east over that way, we could meet.

    Fulton and I will be away this week-end, but I’l get back to you next week, if you email me. NKW


    1. How nice to hear from you. You wrote to one of my e-mail addresses.

      We returned from CA yesterday and are enjoying a rare snowfall today. Yes, let’s keep in touch and see if we can work something out in August. I had read that Baker City was a good place to see the eclipse, but that’s still across the state.

      Happy new year.




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