My memoir —used?

I just went to Amazon, peeked into the hardback of In pursuit of Dreams and found what they say is the e-book edition. There I found the paperback version for sale at multiple prices ranging from $15.70 new to $20 something — used! I’ve heard other authors complain that they saw their book for sale used even though they never knew a copy had sold nor had they been paid. My real question is: Why would anyone pay more for a “used” copy than the “new” price?

Back to “Lesson Learned” –yesterday I went with Mark to get work done on the RV and he asked me to wait a minute before leaving to be sure it was good to go. I had a copy of my memoir in the car, so I started reading. I got so engrossed that I didn’t see him leave and sat there reading at least ten minutes after he had gone.

Now before you think I’m one course short of a certificate (as we used to say at the community college), I wrote parts many years ago. But the lesson learned is that though I had gone through the manuscript so many times that I was sick of it, I wasn’t actually reading it. Mostly I was looking for little punctuation errors I tend not to see on screen, and I see some still in the finished book.

To repeat The Lesson: Get an editor. Get a reader. Get more than one reader. I was too proud and too confident of my ability to see errors. I wanted it to be read only when it was complete and in print. Really dumb!

2 thoughts on “My memoir —used?

  1. Congratulations on the publication of your memoir! Are you saying you did not give Amazon permission to sale an eBook only a print book? I’m wondering if when you enroll in Kindle Direct, that’s part of the agreement. Either way, it’s interesting, to say the least.


    1. Thank you. I replied by eMail first b/c I’m just learning how to do this! No, my memoir isn’t on Kindle direct, but my novella, Amigos was. That requires a 90 day exclusive committment.
      Apparently Amazon uses the “Look Inside” feature from the eBook until the hardback feature is available. I’ve run across that before.
      As my first commenter you have won. . . nothing. Sorry about that!


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